Gone Before We Were Ready

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I've chosen to create this page partially as a pedigree reference area
SA Ghost * SA Ghost
Sire: Mick (P.L. Chance x P.L. Cayenne)
Dam: Zoe (P.L. Jake x Crissy)
2009 Blue and White.
Registered ABCA
Sadly we had to let him go Aug 22 2021
SA Duckie * SA Duckie
Sire: Taz (Koda x Jasmine)
Dam: Tinkerbelle (Brody x Abbey)
2010 Red and White Tri
Registered ABCA
Litters Produced 2
Left our hearts broken 05/15/2019
SA Rose *SA Rose
Sire: SA Ghost (Mick x Zoe)
Dam: SA Duckie (Taz x Tinkerbelle)
2013 Red and White
Litters Produced 3
Registered ABCA
Left our hearts shattered 05/15/2019
SA Addie *SA Addie
Sire: Bo (Bango Cowboy x Nyah)
Dam: Callie (Zeke x Krystal Kate)
2009 Red and White
Registered ABCA
Litters Produced 1
Passed away suddenly 07/06/13
Jessie * Jessie
Sire: Rennigade (Drift x Jil Jackie)
Dam: Bluebelle Meg (Sagebrush Blue x Aqua Belle)
1996 Black and White
Registered ABCA
Litters Produced 0
Jessie passed away in 2009

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