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Our dogs are registered with American Border Collie Association
SA Pollywog
*SA Pollywog
Sire: Firestorms Oso
Dam: SA Tessie's Toad
2020 Blue
Registered ABCA and AKC
*SA BlueBird
Sire: SA Zip
Dam: Honey
2020 Lilac
Registered ABCA and AKC
*SA Doe
2019 Black w/Blue eyes
Registered ABCA and AKC
*SA Bee
Sire: CC SA Roo (Imp Corrie x Penelope)
Dam: SA Pele (SA Zip x SA Coral)
2020 Slate Merle
Registered ABCA and AKC
*SA Gazelle
Sire: FS Oso (
Dam: Essential SA Fox (
2020 Slate Merle
Registered ISDS and AKC

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